Beauty Is In The Colorful Eyes Of The Beholder

| Related | February 16, 2015

(My young brother gets more than his fair share of teasing from my youngest aunt, who loves teasing small kids. My brother is drawing and colouring in a picture. As with all young kids, he loves bright colours. My mum and her sisters are all present. We are Asian.)

Brother: “This is mama. I like mama, so I’ll give her red eyes. This is [Second Aunt]. I like her too, so I shall give her pink eyes. Over here is [Third Aunt]. She is very nice and I like her, so she gets green eyes. I don’t like [Youngest Aunt], so I will find the ugliest colour for her eyes. I shall give her black eyes!”

Youngest Aunt: *to her sisters* “Haha, you are all freaks! I’m the only normal one! Haha!”

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