Beauty Is Adorable

| Related | February 7, 2016

(I am in my first job as a cashier. I suffer from a condition that causes a facial deformation and it is relatively noticeable. A mother and her two kids, son and daughter, come up to my register to check out and her son is staring at me with a quizzical look.)

Little Girl: *as she elbows him* “Stop staring. It’s not nice to stare at people.”

Little Boy: “But I’m just curious!”

Little Girl: “That’s just the way God made her and she’s beautiful.”

Mother: *looks horrified* “Oh, my god, I am so sorry about him. He’s normally not like that.”

Me: “No worries. I’m used to it, and I found the two of them adorable.”

(I gave them both candy, with permission from their mother, off my employee tab.)

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