Beauty And The Zom-beast

| Learning | February 19, 2015

(I’m attempting to explain how to describe acceleration on motion graphs to a student who loathes physics.)

Me: “So, look at this graph. We can pick some kind of object that can move and stop to use as an example. Oh, like a zombie. Yeah, let’s do the zombie apocalypse. So, you see here, the line is at zero velocity, it means the zombie isn’t moving—”

Student: “Miss, I don’t like the zombie apocalypse. Can we pick something else?”

Me: “Sure. Uh, other inanimate objects. Erm. Oh, I know, you like Disney, right? How about Chip, the talking cup from Beauty & Beast?”

Student: “Yep, that’s good!”

(I later look over what the student has written. The introduction to the description of the graph goes: ‘chip was poured tea into, and is now jumping towards Belle, for her to drink it.’ I have some awesome students!)

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