Beauty And The Beast

| Romantic | September 4, 2013

(My coworker is a really beautiful twenty-something, so she always has the male coworkers chasing after her, even the married ones, and she’s married herself. She’s really smart and down to earth, and her job is very difficult, but she does it well. She’s always teaming up with the boss. One day the boss’s wife comes in.)

Boss’s Wife: “I’m looking for my husband, [boss’s name.]”

Coworker: “Oh, he should be in his office; shall I call him?”

Boss’s Wife: “Yes.”

(Just then, the boss comes over.)

Boss: *nervously* “Oh, hi dear!”

Boss’s Wife: “Hi.” * to beautiful coworker* “I don’t think we’ve met; what’s your name?”

Coworker: *holds out hand* “It’s [name]; nice to meet—”

Boss’s Wife: *to boss* “[Name]? This is [name]?!”

Boss: “Er…”

Boss’s Wife: “You said she was a 49-year-old hag!”

(We all watch, stifling laughter, as the boss’s wife chases him around the office, bopping him on the head with a rolled up paper!)

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