Be Wary Of The Cassowary

| Friendly | December 1, 2016

(Our online gaming group is a mix of Australians, Americans, and people from the United Kingdom.)

Me: “I’m going to try and kick down the door. Not that it’s going to work well.” *I proceed to roll just shy of the highest possible roll* “Or I could get it in one blow.”

Games Master: “You rally your devilish strength and shoulder open the door.”

Me: “Nah, she rocks back on her tail and gives it a kangaroo double kick.”

Games Master: “Oh, god, she’s actually part ‘roo; you’re all doomed.”

Player: “No, she’s on our side. We’re only mostly doomed.”

Games Master: “Just wait. [Player #2]’s next bird-person character will be part cassowary.”

Me: “All right, that settles it. My next custom setting has a cassowary-based race in it.”

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