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Be VERY Careful Typing That Into Google

| Friendly | September 19, 2016

(I am in the middle of a cross-country road trip in my RV, and have been stopping at places with free WiFi in the evenings to take an online continuing education course while I do so. I’ve been sitting in an armchair with my laptop and headphones for about 45 minutes when I notice that a guy about my age is trying to get my attention. I ignore him for a while but he’s distractingly insistent.)

Me: *takes off headphones* “Yes?”

Guy: “Hey, what’re you looking at there?”

Me: *turns laptop around so he can see the screen* “A swollen ferret vulva.”

Guy: “Ew, what the h***?”

Me: “I’m a vet. It’s for science.” *puts headphones back on and goes back to ignoring him*

(The guy left immediately afterwards. Never try to chat up a veterinarian unless you have a strong stomach!)

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