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Be The Change

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It’s the beginning of the health crisis in 2020. The employees are wearing masks and there are signs posted everywhere to please pay by card instead of cash. In this pharmacy, there is only one line, but there are multiple employees, so usually, you don’t have to worry about a line, but today it’s packed.

My customer is a sweet old lady. Everything about her medication is fine, so we proceed to paying. Her total is something like 17.56€. The lovely old lady starts digging in her purse, of course paying cash, like always. She looks at every single coin, puts it back, takes out another one, and so on. After a few long minutes, she finally manages to find 17.55€ and has the last missing cent in her hand.

This is the moment she looks up from her purse, sees the sign, and says, “Oh, you like it better if I pay by card, don’t you?” Before I can tell her that it’s fine, she puts all the money back in her purse and begins searching for her card. I hand her the card reader and the real struggle begins. In the fourth attempt, she inserts the card the right way round, yay! Who guessed: she doesn’t know her PIN!

Eventually, after about ten minutes, she pays with a 20€ note. I am so glad I am wearing a mask today.

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