Be The Change You Want To Receive In The World

| Working | February 13, 2016

(My husband and I have had a normal meal so far with the food and service being fine. Everything is going well until we hand the server money for our bill.)

Me: “The gift card has $25 on it so the $20 is to cover the rest of our tab.”

(On top of the $20 bill and the gift card, I had put the 43 cents that was the change due on our bill. The server picks everything up and cups her hand so the change doesn’t spill and walks away. A few minutes later she returns with our change.)

Server: “Okay, guys, here is your change for today. After the gift card and the cash, you are left with $12.57. Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

(My husband and I look at each other since we should not be getting any change back. We gave exact change for our bill.)

Me: “Um, there shouldn’t be any change back to us. We had the 43 cents on top of the gift card and the $20 for you.”

Server: “Really?”

Me: “Yes. It was the $20 bill, the gift card then the change sitting on that.”

Server: “Oh, I really don’t like dealing with change.”

Me: “Well, we still gave you change.”

Husband: “Yeah, we needed to break the $20. We should be getting $13 back.”

Server: “Fine.”

(In a huff, she grabs the change that she gave back to us off the table and lays down another dollar.)

Server: *with attitude* “Anything else now?”

Me: “We’re good. Thanks.”

(After the server walks away.)

Husband: *confused* “She doesn’t like dealing with change but she gave us change back?”

Me: “I’m not going to try to figure that one out. You ready to go?”

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