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Be The Change If You Want To See The Change

| Working | September 24, 2013

(My aunt and I are at a craft store buying fabric. She checks out without incident, and I am helped by the same cashier immediately after her.)

Cashier: “Your total is $20.97.”

(I hand the cashier $21, and she gives me twelve cents back, instead of the three cents I should have received. Confused, I look at the small screen on the credit card machine which shows that the total is $20.97 before tax and $22.12 after tax.)

Me: “Oh, I haven’t given you enough money. Take these 12 cents back, and here’s $2. That makes $23 that I’ve given you.”

(I put out my hand to give her the $2 and take the change, but she just stares at me.)

Cashier: “But you gave me $22.”

Me: “No, I gave you $21, and now I’m giving you $2 more, so you owe me 88 cents in change.”

Cashier: “But you gave me $22. The total was $22.12 and you gave me $22, so I gave you 12 cents.”

(My aunt steps in and takes the $2 from my hand, and gives the cashier $1.12, meaning the cashier does not owe us any change.)

Aunt: “Here, take this. Now you don’t owe us anything. Your drawer will be correct when you count it.”

Cashier: “But, you gave me $22, and I gave you twelve cents!”

Me: “Trust me, it’s all correct now. Just give me the receipt please.”

(The cashier reluctantly gives me the receipt. We turn to leave.)

Cashier: “Wait! You gave me 12 cents!”

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