Be Mindful Of Typos

| Working | October 16, 2014

(I have just been promoted to junior recruitment consultant. Unfortunately, I do not have an assistant to type my documents and résumés so I ask the receptionist to help me. This also gives her the ability to grow in her position as no one else gives her that chance. We always inform our clients if we interview the candidates in person, telephonically, or via Skype.)

Client: “Hahaha! My boss thinks you guys are brilliant!”

Me: “Um, why?”

Client: “The resume says you guys interviewed this candidate telepathically!”

(Turned out the receptionist had typed on the resume ‘telepathically’ instead of ‘telephonically’ and I hadn’t picked it up when I sent the resume to the client. She even won an award with our head office for this little blunder…)

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