Be Less Turbulent!

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I am at a nationwide coffee shop chain famous for its doughnuts, grabbing a quick breakfast before I have to catch a ferry for work. Going through the till is a smooth process – a bottle of apple juice, one of their new treats, and a breakfast sandwich — egg, cheese, and sausage on a croissant. I am asked my name, and I give it. It’s not a common one but not unheard of, either. A few minutes pass, and the person making the food calls out:

Worker: “Order for [My Name]!”

I go up and grab the items: a bottle of apple juice and a bag. The bag feels… off, whether it be weight or distribution, I couldn’t say. I look inside. Looking back at me are the aforementioned treat and a BLT on an everything bagel.

Me: “Excuse me?”

Worker: “It’s what you ordered!”

I’m a bit taken aback, as he is shouting. I’ve worked in similar coffee shops before and know that it can get loud behind the counter, but he’s at least twice as loud as anyone else.

Me: “Uhh… No, it isn’t.”

Worker: “Yes, it is!”

He’s still shouting, and he’s very firm on the fact that the items in my hands are correct. I’ve double-checked, and the sandwich has not magically changed. A bit frustrated, I raise my voice in turn.

Me: “No, I asked for a sausage breakfast sandwich on a croissant, and this is a BLT on a bagel!”

Worker: “That’s not what you ordered! Look!”

He turns around his order screen, and sure enough, there’s the order for [My Name]: apple juice, special treat, and a BLT on an everything bagel.

Me: “That may be what the screen says, but that’s not what I ordered. Could you just make me what I asked for?”

Worker: “No. You got what you ordered. No freebies.”

Customer Behind Me: “Excuse me? Is the order for [My Name] ready yet?”

The guy behind the counter and I look at each other and then to the other customer. What are the chances of two guys with somewhat uncommon names ordering almost identical orders mere minutes apart? The other [My Name] and I laugh as I hand him his order, while the worker makes a new one for me, grumbling just loud enough for me to hear.

Worker: “Pay more attention next time.”

I get that the world is in a weird place right now, and he may have been having a stressful day or something, but come on, man! Accidents happen! Or so I think until, after I get back to my truck and head off to the ferry, I look into my new bag and see… a BLT on a croissant.

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