Be-Ladle-ing The Point

| Related | April 8, 2013

(My family and I are sitting down for dinner and my dad hands out forks and spoons to everyone. Admittedly, the spoons he gives us are relatively large.)

Mom: “Honey, this spoon is not appropriate for soup!”

Dad: “How so?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m fine with it.”

Mom: “Maybe you are, but I’d like something that’s appropriate for the size of my mouth, thank you.”

Dad: “Fine.”

(My dad takes my mom’s spoon and leaves the dining room.)

Mom: “Honestly, your father sometimes!”

Me: “It’s just a spoon.”

Mom: “I know, but—”

(Dad comes back and hands Mom a shovel.)

Dad: “Here you go. Is this the right size for your mouth?”

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