Be-Labor-ing A Valid Point

| Working | October 1, 2013

(My mom is in labor with my twin sisters. She’s been left in her hospital room, as she isn’t in active labor yet.)

Mom: *curls over with pain* “Something’s wrong. Really wrong!”

(Mom starts to repeatedly press buzzer. Five to ten minutes go by with no response. My dad goes to the nurses’ station to see them all chatting, with the buzzer appearing to be disconnected.)

Dad: “My wife needs some help! She’s been buzzing for the last ten minutes!”

Nurse: “Oh, it’s her first kid, she’s just nervous. She’s fine.”

Dad: “No, she’s not! Come check on her!”

Other Nurse: “She’s fine!”

(They continue to ignore my dad, until the commotion brings a doctor out to investigate.)

Doctor: “What’s going on?”

Dad: “My wife needs help! There’s something wrong!”

Nurse: “She’s fine.”

Dad: “They haven’t even looked at her!”

Doctor: “Then how do you know she’s fine? I’ll take a look.”

(The doctor, my dad, and the nurse all go to my mom’s room. The doctor checks my mom and my sisters.)

Doctor: “Get this woman into an emergency C-section. She’s in fetal distress!”

Nurse: “But we need time to do that!”

Doctor: “And you would’ve had it if you’d listened; now go!”

(The nurses later try to blame my dad, but the doctor reams them out instead. Fortunately, both my sisters are born healthy!)

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