Be Glad You Bothered

, | Hopeless | April 1, 2017

(A friend of mine graduates early, and decides to throw a bonfire to celebrate. She invites probably 100 people and even some former classmates. She stands up and reads a letter she had written the day before.)

Friend: “I never thought I was worth the effort that people put into being around me. I always thought that I was just a bother that people merely tolerated. I only told one person, but in the beginning of eighth grade I tried to commit suicide. I tried it again in the middle.”

(This was quite shocking as she always seemed happy and truly had never mentioned it.)

Friend: “But I realized with the help of most of the people here, that that wasn’t true. I’m very happy to say that everyone here has made a positive impact on my life, and that you all mean the world to me.”

(I started crying after, and she came up and hugged me. Now she’s a heart surgeon and travels the world in her free time, even though she almost ended her life as a teen.)

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