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Be Glad She’s Not Here Monthly

, , , | Right | January 1, 2021

I’m a senior sales assistant. I come up to the counter to check on the new girl who seems to be held up with a middle-aged customer. The customer is miffed. She wants our “best customer” badge that gets them 10% off full-priced items, but you have to buy something on a near-weekly basis to maintain it.

Colleague #1: “Your total, ma’am, is 380$.”

Customer: “What about my discount?”

Colleague #1: “Sorry, but none of these items are on sale apart from the yellow dress.”

Customer: “But I’m a ‘best customer’! I get a discount!”

[Colleague #2], who is a senior, steps in.

Colleague #2: “Of course, ma’am. Let’s just look up your account; it will tell us if you get the discount.”

Customer: “Of course I get the discount! I shop here and I had it before!”

Colleague #2: “Actually, sorry, ma’am, but you aren’t a ‘best customer’. You don’t have the stamp on your account.”

Customer: “You’re wrong! I had it before! You don’t know anything! Get someone who knows what they’re talking about!”

Colleague #2: “Ma’am, the system updates each month. If you haven’t come in in the past two weeks, you’ll have lost your badge.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! You don’t know anything! I know I have the badge and you’re simply withholding my discount!”

Finally, my manager turns up. Both colleagues are frustrated and dejected by now.

Manager: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Customer: “I want my discount!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, but only the dress is on sale, ma’am.”

Customer: “No! I want my ‘best customer’ discount! I shop here plenty! I had it before but they’re withholding it!”

Manager: “Well, let’s just see what’s going on, shall we?”

I look up the account history and contact our call centre.

Manager: “Well, you did have it previously, but, unfortunately, you lost it due to inactivity. Sorry.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! How active do I need to be?!”

Manager: “Well, the last time you bought something from us was three years ago, and we renew our ‘best customer’ accounts monthly, so I’d say just a tad more.”

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