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Be Everywhere At Once

| Working | June 2, 2016

(I get into trouble from our line manager for messing up a count. I checked and double checked for the items in question, even asking my supervisor if she knew where they were. She checked and found nothing, but the next day Store Manager said he had found the items and recorded them, which led to me getting into trouble for not doing the work correctly. Neither my supervisor or I could find them afterwards. It’s a few months later.)

Supervisor: “[My Name], remember when you got into trouble for not looking correctly for [item]?”

Me: “Yes, I do. Why?”

Supervisor: “You wouldn’t guess what I found today.”

Me: “Really? Where?”

Supervisor: “Still in the carton, in [completely different department], hidden in a corner, surrounded by other stock. I asked [Store Manager] about it and he suddenly remembered hiding them there when he didn’t have time to put them out just before an inspection.”

Me: “So, in the future, I not only have to look where the items should be, but where they might be and where they shouldn’t be in the first place.”

Supervisor: “Sounds about right.”

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