“Be A Woman”?!

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I’m about five, and I am a very shy, sensitive kid. Our teacher aide does not like me. When the lead teacher isn’t around, she picks on me and yells at me for the most minor errors until I cry. My parents know and have complained to the school.

One day, I come back to school after being sick for a few days. My doctor has prescribed an antibiotic that must be taken at lunchtime. It’s too large of a pill for me to take all at once, so it must be cut in half. The aide brings me the pill, uncut, and a glass of water.

Aide: “Here you go. Take your medicine.”

I stare at this gigantic pill but don’t say anything.

Aide: “Now what?”

Me: “Mommy cuts it in half.”

Aide: “I’m not your mommy.”

Me: “But it’s too big.”

Aide: “No, it’s not.”

Me: “But it’s too big!”

Aide: “No, you’re gonna take it.”

I start to cry.

Aide: “And you’re crying again! I’m not your mommy and I’m not cutting that in half. Be a woman and take it.” 

I’m still crying.

Aide: “Why do you cry all the time?! Take the pill. Be a woman.”

I took the pill and immediately threw it back up on her. Swift justice served. My mother personally read her the riot act after that. She was moved to aftercare duty a short time later and gave me a wide berth. As an adult, I still can’t comprehend what kind of person would pick on a five-year-old until they cry.

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