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BBQ = Better Be Quick!

, , | Right | CREDIT: A**hole_Catharsis | February 10, 2023

I work in a restaurant. I’m making my rounds, and I see that one of my tables just got their food. I come by to see if everything looks all right.

Customer: “Oh, hon, I forgot to ask for a side of barbecue sauce.”

Me: “No problem. I’ll be right back with that for you.”

I have to grab drinks at the bar, so I’ll swing by the kitchen on my next loop; it shouldn’t be more than a minute or so.

I make my way to the expo line, and I see both a food runner and a busser walk off with a side of barbecue sauce, one after the other.

Me: *To the chef* “Can I get some barbecue sauce, too?”

Chef: “Again?”

Hmm. Those boys are indeed headed toward my section.

And sure enough, there they are, both dropping off barbecue sauce to the same lady. I’m absolutely dumbfounded, so I head over to passive-aggressively make a scene about it. I stand there hovering, awkwardly holding the sauce, and quip:

Me: “Did you need a third side of barbecue?”

Customer: “I’m sorry, I thought you forgot.”

Apparently, she thought I would drop everything I was doing to go take care of it right away.

I didn’t need to, but I let the moment hang in the air before slowly nodding my head and slinking off — a masterclass in making the moment as awkward as possible.

The timeline I stitched together is that she asked the food runner when he dropped off the food, asked me when I checked up on the table right after, and then stopped a busser on his way to the kitchen when she saw me walk off in another direction.

No, it’s not the gravest sin in the world, but it’s annoying. Respect our time and our flow. We’re professionals.

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