Battle Of The Band

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When doing group assignments in school, at any level, there is often someone who just doesn’t do their share. But this one takes the cake, and possibly the whole dessert tray, as well. 

It started out as a pretty normal group assignment: make a group of three or four people, exchange contact info, turn it in by the assigned date. I end up with the two people sitting closest to me and we start working out what times and days we can meet to work, and this guy walks over and announces that he will be joining our group. He seems to think we should be grateful about this for some reason. He also keeps talking over the rest of us, condescendingly explaining how he thinks we should do the project, and completely ignoring that we are just trying to exchange contact info and make plans to meet another time as we only have a few minutes before class is over. We finally get his contact info, he says he has everyone else’s info, and we plan to meet on campus on Saturday. So far so good.

Saturday comes. Everybody but the one guy shows up at the right spot, at the right time, and we wait. We call his number, no answer. We wait some more. We call again, and again. Forty minutes later, we give up and get to work. About an hour after that, as we wrap up for this week and are planning what day and time next week to meet again, he calls. He’s mad we didn’t wait for him. 

He says he was up late the night before, and that we “should have called and reminded him or rescheduled.” Apparently, he was in a band, and it wasn’t his fault at all that he forgot and overslept, but it was somehow our responsibility to make sure he got to the group meetings.

The next class day, he could not understand why we asked the teacher to remove him from our group. The teacher, after hearing both sides of the story — the guy’s version was that we were all “just b******, anyway” — very quickly agreed to our request.

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