Bathing In The Glory Of Misbehavior

| Related | February 19, 2015

(My dad and I are out shopping when we see one of the display tubs in the aisle. Note that my father is normally very stern.)

Father: *whispering* “Psst. [My Name]. Hey.”

Me: “Yes?”

Father: *still whispering* “I’ll give you anything you want from [Favorite Store] if you go sit in that tub, pretend you’re scrubbing yourself, and sing the ‘Rubber Ducky’ song from ‘Sesame Street.'”

Me: *smiles and hands him my bags* “I’ll do it for nothing!”

(I did it, earning many stares from parents. Finally, a store operator came up to my father. They argue for a bit when I hear my dad yell.)

Father: “That is not my kid.”

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