Barred From The Card

, , , | Learning | November 27, 2018

(I am in a class with around twenty other girls who all get along pretty well with each other. However, there is this one girl that constantly gets on everyone’s nerves. She is the most self-entitled and annoying person I have ever met. She loudly complains about every tiny little thing that does not go exactly how she wants. During our second year, when one of our classmates is getting married, we all agree to buy her a wedding gift, and for that purpose, everyone of us is supposed to give a small amount of money to fund it. On a day that we know this classmate will not be in class, I am the one tasked with collecting the money from everyone. I have also gotten a nice congratulations card that the students all sign. Everything goes perfectly well until I get to the annoying girl.)

Annoying Girl: “Hi, [My Name]. Is that the card for [Classmate who is getting married]? Can I sign it?”

Me: “Hey, sure. Do you have [small amount that we all agreed to donate for the gift]?”

Annoying Girl: “Um…Wait. Do you mean to tell me I have to pay if I want to sign this card?!”

Me: *a little surprised* “Well, that is kind of the point, isn’t it? We are collecting money from everyone in class to buy her a wedding gift.”

Annoying Girl: *getting angry* “That is just outrageous! You can’t just expect people to give you money like that! That is super rude!”

Me: “But… that’s what we all agreed on. [Class President] talked about it to the whole class, remember?”

Annoying Girl: “I don’t remember such a thing! I never agreed to pay you money just to sign a stupid card!”

Me: “Well, sorry, but that is how everyone else agreed to do it. If you do not want to, you don’t have to give anything, of course.”

Annoying Girl: “But then you won’t let me sign the card?”

Me: “No, because that would not really be fair to everyone else who has given something, would it?”

Annoying Girl: *turns around and stomps away* “Unbelievable! They really want to force me to give them money just to sign a card!”

Me: *meekly after her* “No one is forcing you, you know.”

(It is really just a very small amount that everyone gives. We are all still students, after all, and no one is expected to give something they could not afford. The next day in class:)

Annoying Girl: “Hey! [My Name]!”

Me: “Yes? What is it?”

Annoying Girl: *briskly* “Here!” *hands me exactly half of the already small amount everyone else has given* “Now can I sign the card?!”

(I am simply too tired of her antics, so I let her sign the card just to shut her up. As she has just finished signing, another one of our classmates, who has heard about the whole issue, walks by.)

Other Classmate: “Hey, [Annoying Girl], why didn’t you want to give anything, anyway?”

Annoying Girl: “Well, if I was the one getting married, you probably wouldn’t have gotten me anything, either!” *stalks off*

Me: *thinking* “With that attitude, you’re probably even right.”

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