Barking Up The Wrong Tree

| Working | November 18, 2013

(Our local telecom company has started sending salesmen door to door. My roommate is about to take our dog out when one of them walks up to our front door.)

Salesman: “Hi! I’m [Name] from [Company], and I’d like to talk to you about your service!”

Roommate: “Hi, thanks, but we’re happy with what we’ve got.”

Salesman: “Now it says here you have our internet and phone service.”

Roommate: “Yes, and it’s very good. Thank you, we’re happy with it.”

Salesman: “But you don’t have our TV service! Did you want to sign up for that today? With our promotional bundle, you’ll save money!”

Roommate: “Promotions end, though, and we don’t need any more TV channels. We’re happy with the service we have, thank you.”

Salesman: “But you’ll save money!”

(This goes on for about five more go-rounds, with the salesman trying to get her to sign up for their TV service and my roommate telling him we’re happy with what we have. Finally our 80 lb. black Lab, who barks but doesn’t bite, gets tired of waiting and stands on his back legs to look out the front window at the salesman.)

Salesman: “Oh! Uh! That’s… that’s a big dog.”

Roommate: “Yes, and he needs to go out for his walk now. We’re happy with our current service, thank you very much. Goodbye.”

(My roommate puts her hand on the doorknob. The salesman takes a hint and heads hastily for the street. He hasn’t been back since.)

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