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Barking Up The Wrong Discount

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: freshtohospitality | July 11, 2021

I work in a very popular National Park area. We are a pet-friendly hotel that only charges $25 per pet — the cheapest in the area. Yesterday was crazy with dog owners. All have to sign the pet policy that they will not leave their pet unattended in the room for any length of time. We even have a fee of $100 if the dog is a disruption to other guests and we know no one is in the room.

After receiving four complaints about one room’s dog barking nonstop since 5:00 am and not being able to get a hold of the guests, we discounted the four rooms and charged the discount to the room with the barking dog. This totaled less than the $100 fee and it made all the guests happy.

Now, the cherry on top. Another room came up for checkout and demanded a discount because her own dog kept her up by barking when other people walked past her door. I looked up at her like she had lost her mind. I pulled up her reservation — no pet fee added. So, instead of getting a discount, she had to pay us. She was not happy.

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