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Barking Mad

, | Learning | January 12, 2017

My high school would have lock down drills twice a year, and the police department usually brought in a drug/weapon sniffing dog to walk through the halls as part of the drill. They never gave the dog the command to sniff anything out; it was mostly to show how things would work if we had a real lock down situation.

During my senior year, I’m locked with my class in our homeroom while the drill is in progress. Everyone is relaxed and we hear the officers going past the door with the police dog. All of a sudden, the dog starts going BERSERK right outside of our classroom. The officers start shouting orders and we can actually hear the dog pawing at someone’s locker. Since it’s a locker outside of our class, it has to belong to one of the people in the room. A few minutes later, there’s a loud THUNK when they break the lock on the locker door and pull it open.

The whole class is waiting, straining to hear what’s going on and wondering who on earth could have brought a weapon or something to school. Soon after, the principal knocks on the door and asks the teacher to let him in. He has the strangest look on his face, like he is trying really hard not to laugh.

You know what the dog smelled in one of my classmates’ locker? A ham sandwich.

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