Barking Mad Lies

, , | Right | March 21, 2019

(I work in a cafe where we serve sandwiches and pastries. Like any other establishment that wants to pass health codes, animals are not allowed in the restaurant — service dogs exempt, of course. One day, a man walks in with his dog on a leash. I am currently ringing up someone else, and the man wrestles with his dog leash as the pup runs up to the person I am checking out.)

Me: *peeking around the person the dog was running towards* “I’m sorry, sir, you’ll have to bring your dog outside.”

(I noticed that these people didn’t re-enter the shop. At my next shift, my manager told me that they got a five-paragraph email from the customer who said I kicked them out onto the street. I apparently suggested they should abandon their dog, and they said I “treated them worse than a homeless person.” They said their dog was small and leashed, insinuating that that should make it OK for entry. They said they would never return to the establishment again because of how poorly I treated them and that they had never been treated more rudely by a service worker. They were angry that I didn’t follow them outside offering to take their order somewhere where the dog could be, while I was checking another customer at the time. Not only did this person email the owner, they wrote a completely different and lengthy entry on a restaurant-review website berating the cashier [My Name] for “growling” at them, needing to get shots, and again affirming they would NEVER return to a place where they had been treated so atrociously for asking that their dog be brought outside. Two weeks later, my manager informed me that the people returned to order food at the restaurant, once again bringing the dog inside.)

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