To Bark, Or Not To Bark

, , , | Related | April 5, 2018

(Our miniature poodle is a friendly, happy dog. During the morning we let him out into a fenced area. Usually he sticks to routine. One morning, he decides he doesn’t feel like going out, despite it being a lovely, sunny day. He steps outside the house, takes a glance around, and sits down.)

Me: “[Dog], come on! Here we go!”

(He takes a long look at me.)

Me: “Come on! Come here!”

(He takes another long look, and surveys the scene once more, and lays down.)

Me: “[Dog]! Come here, now. Come on.”

(He flops over on his side.)

Me: “[DOG]! Come! Now!”

(He begins to push pathetically with his paws, as if trying to walk while laying flat on his side. There is a lot of theatricality in his movements, as if the sheer effort is killing him. Now laughing, I step back to him, pick him up, carry him inside the pen, and put him down.)

Me: “There you go, you ridiculous dog.”

(He immediately began walking around as normal, checking out this and that, and I stayed for a few moments to make sure there wasn’t actually anything wrong with him. There wasn’t. He decided the ruse hadn’t paid off, so he might as well get on with life. I was impressed with our little thespian, though; he put his heart and soul into that performance.)

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