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Bark Is Worse Than The Imaginary Bite

| Related | September 4, 2015

(We live in a flat and on the ground floor lives a family with a small kid. My dog, although a big sweetheart that generally loves kids, was once a bit scared by the big stroller that the mother has and barked at it. The door of their apartment flings open while I’m waiting for the elevator and the kid and a friend come out and shriek, so I hurry my dog inside the elevator as he wanted to greet the kid. Outside I hear the following:)

Kid: “That dog ate me!

Mom: “No, he didn’t eat you. He barked at you before.”

Kid: “No, he ate me! The dog ate me.”

Mom:  “No, he just barked at you. Now let’s go.”

(And I could not stop laughing for the rest of the day.)

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