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Barista Is Best Barista

, , , , | Right | April 14, 2021

My friends and I decided to grab to takeout breakfast from a local chain coffee shop. It had been a rough week and we were all feeling incredibly drained, so we shambled into the place looking and acting like zombies.

One by one we approached the counter, where we were greeted in turn by The Best Barista. He was so sweet, chipper, and polite, making small talk and cracking jokes, that every one of us walked away smiling.  

The best part came as we were sitting at one of the tables waiting for our food to be cooked. We had already received some of our drinks. The Best Barista appeared to be going on break. He left the counter, walked by our table, did a double-take, came back to us, and said that he noticed that one drink didn’t look mixed very well — he was just taking orders, not making the drinks — and then offered to take it behind the counter to mix it properly!

We had never before and have never since met such an awesome worker at any restaurant, nor did we ever see The Best Barista again. They were just little things, but his actions really made our day. We all made sure to leave generous tips before we left!

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