Baptism Of Lightning

| Clinton, LA, USA | Learning | April 21, 2015

(Because of the weather, we have been cooped up inside all day so my classmates and I are restless. Right after lunch is civics class. Our teacher, as we all know, also serves as a Baptist preacher. As this happens, we are in the midst of a massive thunderstorm.)

Teacher: “Be quiet, please.”

Us: *talking more*

Teacher: “I said settle down.”

Us: *talking even louder*

Teacher: “I’m serious; y’all need to quiet down, now.”

Us: *completely ignoring him*

Teacher: *losing his temper* “I said SHUT UP!” *slamming his hand on his desk*

(As his hand hit the desk, lightning struck a tree in the parking lot, about 30 feet from our classroom. Every one of us freezes and stares at him in fear. He waits about five seconds and then…)

Teacher: “The next time a Baptist preacher tells you to be quiet, you BETTER listen!”

(We behaved remarkably well for him the rest of the year.)

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