Banking On It Being An Actual Bank

| Right | April 25, 2017

(A tired looking customer walks up to my window without a word and sets a bank deposit bag on the counter. Assuming he has letters inside I unzip it and discover several hundred dollars in cash and a deposit slip.)

Me: “Uhm, sir? Did you need to stamps or a money order?”

Customer: “No. It’s a deposit.”

Me: “We’re a post office. The bank’s two blocks down.”

Customer: “It’s for deposit.”

Me: “There’s no way for me to deposit this. You’re at the post office; we don’t have accounts to deposit this into.”

(Customer blinks and slowly looks around at the postal regulation posters, stamp display, and my uniform.)

Customer: “I’m really sorry. I just finished the night shift and they dragged me out of bed for this.”

(He took the bag from me and wearily headed out the door. Hopefully, the next person he handed a bag of cash worked at a bank.)

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