Band Aid

, | Hopeless | February 28, 2017

I work in a theme park that every summer would invite performers to come put on concerts.

One day the band is a group of relatively new performers who are not entirely aware of their popularity.

The concert itself is free, but seating is limited so fans are lined up at 10:00 to get tickets at 11:00 for a concert at 6:00. Upon learning of this the band members go out with the employee to hand out tickets and personally thank the fans for coming out. When the last ticket is given they send their liaison to get posters and pictures and sign them, handing them out to the people in line while apologizing that they didn’t get a ticket.

Afterwards, throughout the day, they mingled with the general park goers, and would buy the ride photos from their rides and sign them for their seatmates as thanks for supporting the venue. We have had a lot of celebrities at the park over the years but this was the first time we had any go out of their way to make the guests feel that they were more important than themselves.

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