Banana-Drama, Part 8

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(I work at a popular steakhouse. One of our mottos is, “No rules, just right,” meaning we basically can never say no to a customer. We give them whatever they want. As I’m sure is obvious, this causes a lot of problems and doesn’t actually help anyone.)

Customer: “I’d like a side of bananas, please.”

Server: “Let me check that we have bananas.”

(The server is relatively new. We don’t carry bananas at all, as this is a steakhouse, and bananas don’t come in our fruit mix or any drinks. We literally have zero bananas in any store. It’s just not a part of our menu.)

Server: “We don’t have bananas, do we?”

Manager: “No. Why?”

Server: “Table eight wants bananas. I’ll let them know we don’t—”

Manager: “Go to [Grocery Store]. If a customer asks for it, we must have them.”

Server: “I have four other tables; I can’t just leave the store!”

(The server actually has to leave the store and another server takes her tables. Since she is gone for a bit, as the closest grocery store is a few minutes away, the server who closes out her tables gets the tip. The one table who asked for bananas is finishing their meal when she returns. The server chops up the banana and takes it to the woman.)

Customer: “Oh, you’re back! You can take the bananas back; I don’t want them anymore.”

(Surprisingly, we still have the same rule, even though that server lost all her tips and the bananas just rotted in the back. We haven’t had a request off-menu since then, and if we ever do, the servers all have an agreement that we don’t let the manager know. Such a stupid rule. Sorry, customers; you won’t always get what you want!)

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