Banana-Drama, Part 6

| Related | May 26, 2017

(Most of my cousins are older than me. They would love to tease me as I was growing up because I was easily embarrassed and quite shy. As I got to my teens and started developing, the teasing got a bit inappropriate. I am watching TV with one of my cousins, a 20-plus-year-old male. I’ve just peeled a banana and have just put it into my mouth. I used to like to drag my teeth along it without taking a bite.)

Cousin: “[My Name], you are going to make some man very happy one day.”

Me: *looking up and taking the banana from my mouth* “What?”

Cousin: “With those boobs and that banana sucking talent you got going there.”

Me: *looks him straight in the eye, pushes the banana back into my mouth, and bites down hard*

Cousin: *flinches* “Ouch. Maybe not.”

Me: *nods and goes back to eating my banana*

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