Bambi 2: More Bang For Your Buck

| Southaven, MS, USA | Related | August 29, 2012

(My mom has a slight addiction to Facebook games. This particular one requires you to answer trivia questions quickly before the timer runs out.)

Mom: *yells at me from her computer* “Hey! What kind of diet does a deer have?!”

Me: *walking over* “They are herbivores!”

Mom: “Are you sure? They don’t eat any meat?”

Me: “Not unless they are seriously pissed.”

Mom: *laughs* “What?”

Me: “Well, think about it. With the exception of consuming bath balts, or turning into a real zombie, a deer would have to be seriously pissed at a human or animal to eat it, like Bambi on revenge or something. I can see him ripping their flesh off for killing his mother. Maybe he wouldn’t eat them but, ha! Wouldn’t that make an interesting sequel?”

Mom: *continues playing her game* “I should be more concerned about you, but I’m trying to level up. Either go clean you room or shut up and help me.”

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