Balking At The Bulk  

, , , | Right | July 29, 2019

(A customer has brought a couple of Venetian blinds to the counter.)

Customer: “What sort of discount can you give me if I buy these blinds?”

Manager: “They are already discounted.”

Customer: “But I’m going to be buying in bulk.”

Manager: “Oh, we should be able to work something out if you are buying bulk. [My Name], can you grab a stock trolley so the customer can get the blinds she needs?”

Customer: “I have them all here.”

Manager: “Oh, I thought you said you were buying in bulk.”

Customer: “I am. So, what sort of discount will I get?”

Manager: “I can’t offer you an extra discount because you’re only buying two.”

Customer: “You said you could work something out because I was buying in bulk.”

Manager: “Two isn’t bulk.”

Customer: “But it’s more than one, so it is. I want a discount.”

Manager: “Okay, how about I give you 50% off the full price?”

Customer: “Yes, that will do.” *happily pays and leaves*

Me: “Um, weren’t they already 50% off? I can’t believe you got away with that.”

Manager: “I can’t believe she was allowed out unsupervised.”

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