Bail On The Wholesale

, , | Working | June 26, 2015

(I just got hired for a job. My job is to assist customers with their questions. One day I approach my boss.)

Me: “Boss, this idea that people can buy things at a good discount seems okay. How much for the membership?”

Boss: “About 5K.”

(My jaw drops.)

Me: “Five THOUSAND dollars? And people still have to pay for things?”

Boss: “They still save money! It’s a steal!”

(I’m about to say ‘I don’t see how’ but decided to keep my mouth shut and hope no customer asks me to explain how they save money. But my boss can tell I’m skeptical anyway and she is upset. Later, a very upset customer DOES ask me to explain to him how he’ll save money.)

Me: “Well, um… er… I’ll just get the sales manager to explain.”

(Unfortunately, my boss has heard what I said and tells me sternly to go to her office. I’m fired on the spot. Later, I check my email and guess who’s now spamming my inbox with their ads that I’ll save?)

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