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(One of my jobs at my bank is to send cash by wire transfer. When someone comes up to do this, I have to ask them questions to make sure they aren’t getting scammed or sending for fraudulent activity. One of the most common of these is someone sending money to their “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” that they met online that needs them to send them money “to come to see them.”)

Customer: “I would like to send money to the Bahamas.”

Me: “Okay, who are you sending to?”

Customer: “It’s to my daughter. She needs it for airfare.”

Me: “Okay, that sounds good. What is your daughter’s name?”

(The customer then pulls out his cell phone and reads off a name from his text messages. This sends up a huge red flag that he may not know the person he’s sending to.)

Me: “Sir, you just read a name off to me. I thought you were sending to your daughter.”

Customer: “I am.”

Me: “But you just read me a name. Do you not know your daughter’s name?”

Customer: “This is the name I was told to send to. Are you calling me a liar? This is my daughter I’m sending money to.”

(He then turns his phone around and shows me his text messages. Above the name he was sent was someone requesting money, and above that were two texts from the night before saying, “Good night, my love.”)

Me: “Sir, this isn’t your daughter, and if it is, I don’t really want to know why you two talk to each other like that.”

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