Bags For Life Will Be The Bane Of Yours

, , , , , | Right | August 15, 2019

I work at a shop which has ditched the 5p bags and only has strong, reusable 10p bags. It’s a pretty good idea, since folk are more likely to hang on to the stronger ones and bring them out again next time they go shopping. Most people don’t mind at all that those are the only bags we have.

One day, a man came to my till with a few bits in the basket. It was nothing overly heavy — a couple of small bottles of pop and other things. When I offered him a bag, he asked for two, and told me to just put one inside the other so he could put everything in the one bag. Since our bags are already strong and good quality I was a little confused, so just to confirm I held up the only bags we had. 

For some reason, the customer looked annoyed and unnecessarily disgusted at the 10p bags. He asked if we had any 5p ones, because he didn’t really want to pay 10p for a bag. When I told him they were all we had, he sighed, asked me to just give him the one, and continued to look as if he had been ripped off. Now, you can see the flaw in this logic; he asked me for two 5p bags, which would have obviously amounted to 10p altogether, yet he couldn’t justify paying the same price for one, stronger, better-quality bag.

I waved him on his merry little way, still trying to figure out how his brain worked.

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