Bag Drop Means You Drop Everything

, , | Right | August 24, 2018

(I get a call early in the morning.)

Me: “Good morning. This is [Hotel]. May I help you?”

Lady: “Is it okay if I drop off some bags? I’m checking in today.”

Me: “Yes, it is okay.”

Lady: “Great, I’ll see you soon.”

(After she hangs up, a bunch of other guests line up to check out, and it gets quite busy, since I’m the only one at the front desk. A few minutes later, a lady enters the hotel with a bunch of bags and makes a beeline towards me, ignorant of the line!)

Lady: “Hi, I need to drop off my bags.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of checking out these people who were before you.”

Lady: “But I just called! I was before them. Plus, I have a taxi waiting!”

(Everyone in line is glaring at her and me. I want to get her away, so my pleasant tone gets curt.)

Me: “Fine. Just leave your bags there and I’ll take care of them.”

Lady: “But I need some money to pay the cabbie! He’s waiting!”

(I hurriedly made change for her, and she checked in later. I told my boss what happened, and my boss told the lady not to cut in front of people. She hasn’t again, but I am treated to a resentful glare from her every morning… and she’s going to here for months. Lucky me.)

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