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Badly Managing Allergies

, | Working | July 29, 2013

(We recently got a new manager, who has worked in the same fast-food chain, but in a different state. Because of this, she seems to think she knows best.)

Coworker: “Hey, [me], can you make these ice coffees for me please?”

Me: “Of course! Give me just a second.”

(We are not busy, so I make the drinks, and my coworker chats with the customer a little. The new manager has been standing behind us, watching the whole thing silently.)

Me: “Here are your Hazelnut Ice coffees, folks. Sorry again about your wait; come back anytime!”

Manager: “And just what do you think you two are doing?”

Me: “Pardon?”

Manager: “You!” *jabs finger at my coworker* “You need to stop being so lazy and make your own drinks. You’ve worked here for how long and can make your own drinks? And you!” *jabs finger at me* “You know she’s supposed to make her own drinks. You know she’s just being lazy.”

(My coworker is floored, but I have had enough.)

Me: “You are right; it is the duty of the person taking orders to make their own drinks. However, when we are not busy there is no rule stating I can’t help her out a little. Secondly, I know you haven’t been here very long, but everyone knows that [coworker] is deathly allergic to nuts. But you know, I think we can let that slide this time because you’re kind of new.”

(I don’t get written up, but the manager firmly requests to never have my coworker or I scheduled during her shifts again.)

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