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Bad Timing Late-ly

| Working | June 19, 2015

(I have known my boss for years; he is a nice guy but a bad boss. I’m waiting outside his office. A worker comes out looking angry. I enter the office after he leaves.)

Boss: “I have had enough of [Worker]. How hard is it to get in on time?!”

Me: “Yeah, I know, he is always making up the most stupid excuses. Oh, are you still picking me up tomorrow?”

Boss: “Yes, of course. About 6:30?”

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

(The next morning, I’m waiting outside in my work gear. I get there early so I don’t make him wait for me. 6:30 and nothing. 6:35 and still nothing. At 6:40 I am starting to get concerned. At 6:45 I call him.)

Me: “Hi, [Boss], er are you nearly here?”

Boss: “Hmm, what?”

Me: “Are you nearly at my house?”

Boss: “Oh, c***, what time is it? Where? What? I will be there in an hour.”

(He turned up an hour-and-a-quarter later. The worst part: he doesn’t clock on, but I was marked down as late!)

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