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Bad Parking Jobs Will Make You See Yellow

, , , , , , | Friendly | November 14, 2020

I’ve finished my night shift, it’s been twelve hours, and I’m tired and want to get in bed. I come down my road to see a car parked away from the kerb and on the corner of the turning to the carpark.

Because of how narrow the road is, I have to make a five-point turn to get in. It’s annoying, but a one-off isn’t going to bother me much.

However, this goes on for weeks. Sometimes it’s so bad I have to go past and turn around, and only then can I inch my way in.

I don’t know who owns the car, but clearly, it is upsetting the neighbours, as well, as there are already a few notes on the windshield.

I come home a few weeks later and the car is parked nearly in the middle of the road and blocking the entrance. I can barely get past, let alone into the carpark. I damage one of my wheels on the opposite kerb trying to avoid the car.

Annoyed at myself, I do at least manage to find a space to park way down the road and lug my heavy toolbox home.

I’m tired and fed up, and I just want to get to bed, but I am so annoyed by the selfishness of this person that I head back downstairs and snap a picture of the car and file a report with the council.

By the end of the week, there are two bright yellow parking tickets on the car. I see a woman standing by the car, on the phone, clearly irate. She takes the tickets off, shouts something, throws them on the floor, and then picks them up again.

She parked much better after that.