Bad Parenting, No Bones About It

, , , , | Right | April 2, 2018

(A mother comes up to my register with her young daughter, who looks no more than two years old. Everything is going normally until the customer’s daughter starts to wander toward a candy display a few feet away.)

Customer: “Hey! Do I hear a skeleton?”

(The little girl freezes and turns to her mother with a look of terror.)

Customer: “Do you see any skeletons? You’d better stay by Mommy!”

(At this, the little girl runs back to her mother and clings to her leg, on the verge of tears as her eyes keep darting around the store looking for “skeletons.”)

Customer: *laughs and turns back to me* “She got really scared by a Halloween decoration a few weeks ago. It’s the best for keeping her from misbehaving!”

(I looked back at the shaking toddler and had nothing to say… That poor, traumatized little girl!)

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