Bad Parenting Has Reached Broiling Point

| Working | April 26, 2017

(My parents have taken teenage me and my younger siblings, ages 11, 8, and 5, out to a fish restaurant for dinner. The waitress takes my parents’ order and mine, then turns to my next youngest brother.)

Waitress: “What would you like, sweetie?”

Brother #1: “I don’t like spicy things. Can you tell me what would be a good way for me to get my fish cooked, please?”

Waitress: “Of course! If you get it grilled or broiled, they won’t put anything except salt and pepper on it. Seasoned fish would have a little spice to it, and blackened would have a lot of spice.”

Brother #1: “Thank you. I would like the grilled salmon, please.”

Waitress: “Sure thing, and how about you, miss?”

Sister: “I like spicy things. Can I have seasoned trout, please?”

Waitress: “Absolutely, and what about you, young man?”

Brother #2: “I would like a cup of clam chowder and broiled salmon, please.”

Brother #1: “Oh, they have clam chowder! Excuse me, miss, but can I have a cup of clam chowder too, please?”

Waitress: “You certainly can!”

(She finishes writing down the order and looks back at my parents.)

Waitress: “These are your kids, right? They are so polite! I just had to tell you what a good job you’ve obviously done with them! You would not believe how many grown adults never say please and thank you, can’t wait their turns to order, and never think to ask what types of preparations are and aren’t spicy!”

Me: “That’s… really sad. I’m sorry.”

Waitress: “Hey, but then I get people like you who make my day. I’ll go get this order in, and I hope you really enjoy your food!”

(And we did!)

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