Bad Manager Reached Breaking Point

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(I am a lot attendant for a local grocery chain. It has been six months since I transferred to a location closer to my house. Most of the supervisors in the front end are friendly, except for one, a very impolite young woman about my age. One day, I’m scheduled from noon to six pm on a particularly hot day. It’s pretty busy today, but there is plenty of staff on hand. I’ve been pushing carts for about three hours when I decide to ask about my break at three.)

Me: “[Supervisor #1], can I take my break?”

Supervisor #1: “You’ll have to ask [Supervisor #2]; I’m almost done for the day.”

(He’s referring to the rude supervisor.)

Me: “Hey, [Supervisor #2], may I take my break?”

Supervisor #2: “Can you give it about thirty minutes? It’s kind of busy right now.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I go back outside and resume pushing carts. Thirty minutes later…)

Me: “May I take my break now?”

Supervisor #2: “Not yet. Give it another thirty minutes.”

(I go out for thirty more minutes and come in at 4:00.)

Supervisor #2: “Before you ask, no, you may not take your break yet. Go back outside, please.”

(After thirty more minutes of cart pushing, I come inside. It’s finally started to die down.)

Supervisor #2: “Back outside. You may not take your break yet.”

(Thirty minutes later, I’m absolutely exhausted. When I go inside…)

Me: “[Supervisor #2], I’ve been working for five hours straight. It’s started to die down, so may I please take my break?”

Supervisor #2: “You know what? I’m sick and tired of you bothering me about your break, so guess what? You’re not getting your break today.”

Me: “But… you can’t do that! All associates are entitled to a break!”

Supervisor #2: “Breaks are not mandatory. You know that as well as I do. If I hear one more word on the matter, I will issue documentation. Do I make myself clear?”

(I reluctantly nodded and went back outside. My last hour of work that day felt like an eternity. The next day, the assistant manager called me and [Supervisor #2] into the office. Incredibly, I was chewed out for not taking my break that day, even though it was no fault of my own. Thankfully, [Supervisor #2] didn’t get off scot-free, either; she was written up for intentionally violating the store’s break policy, which stated that even though breaks AREN’T mandatory, workers cannot be FORCED to skip them. She didn’t last much longer after that; a couple of months later she was forced to transfer to another store due to a second violation of the break policy.)

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