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Bad Language Is A Sign Of Stupidity

| Learning | July 4, 2016

(When I was younger, I was very innocent. During a first grade class, a troublemaker is talking to the teacher. I’m focusing on my work, and not paying attention to the conversation. Suddenly, the teacher bolts out of her chair.)

Teacher: *to the troublemaker* “What did you just say to me?!”

Troublemaker: *arms folded, giving the teacher a look of pure hate*

Teacher: “I’m taking you to the principal! [Teacher Aide], please watch the class while I’m gone.”

(The teacher escorts the troublemaker out of the room. When she leaves, the rest of us start whispering to each other.)

Me: *to friend* “What did [Troublemaker] say?”

Friend: “He said the s-word.”

Me: “Stupid? That’s not such a bad word.”

(For a moment, my friend looks surprised, but then she says:)

Friend: “Yeah.”

(We returned to our work. I didn’t learn what the actual s-word was for many years.)

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