Bad Guys Getting Caught? I’ll Drink To That!

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(My dad was an alcoholic when I was a kid until he finally got caught by the police driving drunk. I’m 21, and I enjoy watching police shows like “Cops,” or “World’s Wildest Police Chases.” I hope to have a career in law enforcement. Meanwhile, my dad returns from jail from his DUI, and is grumpier than usual, and I’m watching my usual cop shows.)

Me: *enjoying show*

Dad: “Turn that s*** off! Change the channel!”

Me: *innocently* “Why? I like it! Bad guy getting caught.”

Dad: *looks away and sulks* “Hmph!”

Me: *evil grin*

(I know what happened, but he doesn’t know that I know. I revel secretly in that fact. And before you all think I’m being harsh, my dad is the type that acts like a law-abiding hero at all times and everyone’s fooled. Only my family knows how he really is. Anyway, now he’s doing better, and watches how many he drinks, so that’s good. I guess a few nights in the slammer will really wake you up!)

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