Bad Customers Hunt In Packs

, , , , | Right | February 23, 2018

Customer: “Why don’t you carry an eight-pack of these?”

Me: “Oh, sorry, sir. We actually don’t sell the eight-pack versions, just the six- and twelve-packs.”

Customer: “What? That’s ridiculous! You’re really making everything more expensive! Now I have to buy two six-packs! You have terrible customer service, and I’m surprised you’re even still open!”

Manager: “We apologize for the inconvenience. If you like, we can give you $2 off to compensate this issue.”

Customer: “Fine!”

Me: *scanning the items* “Do you need a bag for all this?”

Customer: “No, but I need ice.”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t sell ice here.”

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me? What kind of s*** store is this?! F*** you guys. You’re making my life harder, and you’re charging me a s*** price for all this! F*** this store. I’m never coming back here again!”

(He slams the money on the table and leaves without his change of… a nickel.)

Me: “Why did you even give him a $2 discount?”

Manager: “I was humouring him. I didn’t think he’d be an a** about everything. I’m still confused as to why he bought two six-packs instead of a twelve-pack.

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