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Bad Customers Come With Stock Responses

, , , , | Right | March 14, 2021

During our lockdown, the government allows shops to open for pickup only. You have to order your things online or call in and reserve a time slot to pick them up. I order my things online. You can’t order everything just yet, and it says in bold letters that things might not be in stock after all. Therefore, you can’t pay online — only at the store, card only.

I arrive at the store and join the queue. I overhear three ladies talking; they are quite loud.

Customer: “Yeah, I ordered snow clothes and gloves. My kid lost his third pair of gloves this week. That’s why I get the cheap ones. And I already have the thermal clothes, but I’d rather have them double, you know?”

They also talk about how this lockdown is so annoying. They talk about how you always get more at this store than you intend to, or how you buy things and when you get home, you wonder why you got it as a whole. Then, the lady is called inside, and not soon after, shouting comes from the store.

I can’t hear what she’s shouting, but she comes outside and looks at her friends again.

Customer: “Unbelievable! They didn’t have the clothes and gloves! Now what will my children wear?!”

She turns to the attendant at the door.

Customer: “I hope you’re happy now! My kid can’t play in the snow because you don’t even have something like gloves!”

She turns back to her friend.

Customer: “Unbelievable! All they had was this crap I didn’t even really want!”

I am then called inside and pick up my order. 

Me: “Glad you had everything!”

Employee: “Yeah, we haven’t been stocked in weeks, so all we had was what was still in the store. Not all customers… understand… that.”

Me: “Yeah, someone complained outside… quite loudly.”

Employee: “I no longer care; it’ll get to closing time eventually.”

His response made me feel sorry for him, so I made sure to thank him for his help and wished him a better day.

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