Bad Conduct

, , | Learning | January 14, 2014

(Band class is immediately before lunch. The music director usually lets us go five minutes before the bell to put our instruments away. However, if we we’re being too loud, he puts a line on the chalkboard, each line being one minute we stay later. The director has just put a third minute on the board because we we’re being too loud. Then one sax player speaks up.)

Director: “Hey, [Percussion Student], what do you do if a student can’t play an instrument?”

(Nobody answers.)

Director: “You give them a couple of sticks and put them on percussion.”

(Mild laughter from the band with pointed looks towards the percussion section. [Director] thinks he’s back in charge. A student in the sax section speaks up.)

Student: “Hey [Director], what do you do if they can’t play percussion?”

Director: “No idea… What?”

Student: “Take away a one of the sticks and make him the conductor.”

(The band is stunned into further silence as we wait for [Director]’s response. He looks down at his stand and looks back at the band. Then he turns around and erases the minutes from the board. The band erupts in laughter.)

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